Hello and Welcome to AJL Professional, a blog for business professionals and business owners.
I am A.J. Lancour, a female, thirty-something business professional who graduated from Grand Canyon University in 2014 with a Master’s of Science in Psychology with an Emphasis in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.
During my graduate studies, I worked in Human Resources and then graduated and transitioned into the California Wine Industry (which was SUPER rewarding and interesting). But now, I want to return to my first love of I/O Psychology as a means to help business owners and business professionals. Mainly, I want to use this blog to provide business owners tools to overcome their organizational struggles and provide solutions to grow their businesses and achieve their goals. I also wanted to help those who may be struggling professionally to help also overcome workplace issues, and to provide tools to build personal strengths, wisdom, and to lead fulfilling lives inside AND outside the office. Happy Reading!