Blog #1 A bit about me and plans for this blog

In 2014, I graduated with my Masters of Science in Psychology with an emphasis in Industrial/Organizational Psychology also known as I/O Psychology. With little-to-no business background or really much interest in business at all, I fell in love with it. The more I studied psychology principles applied in workplaces, organizational behavior, business development, as well as how people function within various management styles, teams, and workplaces, I the more fascinated I became. Then, with the more first-hand workplace experience I gained from working the 8-5 grind, (yes, I did the 8-5 grind, not this supposed 9-5 grind. For those of you who do work 9-5, you are all very lucky because, let me tell you, I would have been a much more rested and less-stressed person if I had an extra hour in the morning before work!) Anyway, with more first hand experience, I became even more intrigued about what makes businesses and employees thrive as well as what makes them deteriorate.

That said, for this blog, I would like to use this platform as an opportunity offer some wisdom and provide solutions to those who may be struggling with issues either in the workplace, like building trust with your boss, or gaining credibility with your team. Further, I aim to also provide basic business tips for those struggling with building or growing a small business.

  1. Every week I will be delving into different workplace issues that I have come across in my studies and professional experience. I will also be discussing overarching larger ideas that can help maximize business success and minimize loss.

  2. I hope to interview or feature some entrepreneurs, who have successfully built their own business empires and are rockin it out, as well as some business professionals who have achieved some incredible success so we can all learn what did and didn’t work for these folks. I also hope to interview Subject Matter Experts ranging from I/O Psychology, Business, Career Coaching, and more to share some of their knowledge and experience.

  3. I would like also to feature/mention/spotlight various other blogs, books, as well as podcasts that I have felt are incredibly empowering and informative.

    Thank you so much for visiting! More posts to come! There will soon be a submission page for questions, topic suggestions, people/blogs to feature, and general feedback.

Blog #2 For Managers: Managing Change