Blog #8 Staying Engaged in Your Pursuit

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Honesty is what this blog is about. So I’m going to be honest and say that today I am lacking in some motivation to write this blog post. It is already nearly 3:00pm, and I’m just sitting down to start writing, when in the past I would have started drafting my post on Tuesday morning. I’m not feeling exceptionally proud at this moment, but either way, here I am writing for you. Today’s post will be short and sweet because I will be going out in search for a pop of inspiration and engagement as soon as I get this post up!

Engagement and Motivation -

I have been listening to a business podcast called Being Boss by Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson, as well as watching videos by Marie Forleo who all are fabulous and incredibly knowledgeable boss-ladies in the world of entrepreneurship and small businesses.
A topic that I have been gravitating towards (especially lately) has been what engages and excites us most about our hobbies, endeavours, our businesses? What keeps us going and showing up day after day even when we don’t feel all that jazzed about what we are doing? What helps us to best understand what it is that we need to be doing? I like this style of topic because I’m someone who needs to keep engaged to work towards a true concrete goal - but sometimes, those goals aren’t crystal clear for me right away. Sometimes because I don’t have a goal clearly spelled out for me, I tend to get a little tired of working towards this nebulous idea because I’m not fully understanding what I’m working towards. Typically, I need clarity to keep going. However, in the pursuit of personal and professional development (an area I truly, truly adore), I want to stop this behavior. I know that occasionally goals, mine or otherwise, are not usually clear as crystal but putting in hard work in the general direction of that goal (even if you don’t know exactly what it is at the moment) can pay off greatly so I want to break myself of this start/stop/start/stop yo-yo cycle of interest and apathy. This where these amazing boss-babes help me buck up. They discuss how to do this, how to keep moving forward and not get stagnant, how to stay engaged in what you do, and most importantly, finding your purpose behind what it is you are doing. Their content is really inspiring and helpful.
Marie Forleo has a great motivational quote that says, “clarity comes from engagement, not thought”. This really hits home for me right now, because aside from my yo-yoing behavior, I often get “analysis-paralysis” about the next steps to take in ALL aspects of my life because I want the next thing to be perfect and I want to know everything up front. But I have learned that analyzing everything down to the tiniest possible particle will teach me only so much - DOING the thing really is where the rubber meets the road in terms of understanding and growth. To really learn and get things done you MUST take the plunge.
That said, if you don’t know exactly where you are going in your career or your business, or in your dreams for that matter, continually finding a way to step forward in your endeavours either it be, reading another informational or self-help book, or networking with friends, asking for feedback on material - or whatever - it is better than just sitting and over-analyzing, also known as not being productive. (Please don’t get me wrong here, I believe that planning, strategizing, and brainstorming are truly fantastic ways to make personal and professional breakthroughs. What I’m saying is not to get lost in the details of these listed items, but get out there and make them happen). Now go make them happen!

Thanks for reading!

Check out Marie Forleo.

And Being Boss Podcast (or you can listen on iTunes, or any digital podcast platform)

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